A priest tells the reality of public comment. Citizens have the right to speak freely about the issue at hand and not be threatened with arrest:


The school board is presenting staged questions. A parent Stands UP and demands and answer to his and his communities questions and is arrested for this:

A Lady is removed by the police, even after the elected official tells them she is not out of order. Some of the city council members inflict authority where they do not have it and demand she be removed:

An ex-police officer speaks about the corruption in his government. The council refuses to listen to him an in turn tells him to use different words:

Man Stands UP for the violations of his civil rights:

Here he is again, defending the constitutionally protected rights:

A NJ man is called out of order in the middle of his speech… where has freedom of speech gone?:

At 2mins in, a council member attacks a citizen. Lucky this town has a good mayor:

At 4m 30sec in, a council member attacks a resident who spoke. Then another council member speaks up to attack another… all so they could cover the real issue, CORRUPTION:

A citizen stands UP and speaks about the corruption he sees. Sadly, the council will not respect the citizens right to speak about the problems they see in their city: