Stand Up America describes why we must standUP

The article below is a perfect example of the problem which is strangling the freedom of our citizens and the future of our country. With this fundamental step towards the warrantless search and control of the American People, our constitution is consider... read more

The video below is one of those experiences that can represent two entirely different interpretations. In one perspective, this is a small point to make – why is holding a sign so important? Why is holding the signs causing so much time to be wasted? Th... read more

Please read the below before watching this video: The reality of government is driven by a system of ideas. This video shows us the subtle inconsistencies within our current understanding of these ideas, within our understanding of government and society.... read more

So Seattle has a Socialist sitting on its city council – big whoop. For the first time in over 100 years, there is a voice other than a Democrat and a Republican contributing to the political conversation and guess what – nothing will change. One voic... read more