Stand UP America in the news

Sam Bellomio, of StandUP-America, gets quoted in alocal paper that twists his words. This editor writes that Sam Bellomio argues “nobody is smart enough to understand him”. But, Sam’s words were “You don’t understand StandUP-... read more

StandUP-America is quoted in a Mukilteo article that discusses drone use in Washington State. The quote is pulled from a speech given in Olympia Washington: “One other concern was that the use of drones for patrolling during non-emergency cases woul... read more

NPR interviewed a member of StandUP-America in Olympia Washington: “Privacy advocate Sam Bellomio has his own theory about why drones touch a nerve. ‘These are used in the war, in combat,’ he says. ‘So now they say, We want to use ... read more

Video of StandUP-America speaking at Seattle City Council talking about the use of drones: VIDEO: