The article below is a perfect example of the problem which is strangling the freedom of our citizens and the future of our country. With this fundamental step towards the warrantless search and control of the American People, our constitution is considered irrelevant – and our nation begins to employ the force of a Soviet Union KGB and Nazi Germany Gestapo. Our elected officials are no longer interested in justice but pursues total control of its people. The use of drones inspires a force which requires obedience to a legislation which has already been denied by our local governments. Boeing’s position is something we all need to seriously consider. When major corporations are so obviously willing to disregard the authority of the People’s decision at the local level and continue to push for a law which would sacrifice our liberty for the sake of their private profit – we must ask ourselves: why do we allow them to wield such power in the process of government? The American Government is on the verge of becoming a complete dictatorship. Our representatives do not listen to the will of the People but continue to make deals with corporations instead. It is their responsibility to ensure that private interest does not interfere with the interest of the public at large; this is the People’s government, not the playfield of CEOs and elected officials.

Read how the corporations are lobbying against the people’s will.



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