The video below is one of those experiences that can represent two entirely different interpretations.

In one perspective, this is a small point to make – why is holding a sign so important? Why is holding the signs causing so much time to be wasted? The rules are given very clearly, why is it so hard to follow them? Everyone else seems to have no problem with it. In one perspective, we are to look like fools because we are behaving so differently than everyone else.

On the other hand, the substance of our speech is never actually addressed. Listen carefully – rather than respond to what we are saying, we are told repeatedly what we can and cannot do. This is why it sounds like a broken record. We understand they do not want us to hold our sign, but why? This sign is a part of our speech, and it doesn’t matter if we hold it or if it is held behind us. Someone’s view is blocked either way. If they will not allow it to be held behind us so its message is visible – why can’t we hold it in front of our faces? We sign up with our name and address in order to speak; they know exactly who we are. What is more important – that the public does what they’re told or that its voice is heard and valued?

This video shows that the council is more interested in enforcing their authority than allowing the people their liberty. This must change if we are to restore the integrity of the American Dream. StandUP-America is trying to change the conversation held with local government. We are not there to talk about signs, but that is all the council will discuss with us. They do not allow the public to speak in their committee meetings, where legislation is crafted. If our speech does not reflect what they wish to hear, they turn off the microphone and call security to escort us out of the room. We no longer have control over our own thoughts or ideas without threat of harassment or removal. This cannot continue. The time has come to standUP-America.



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