Our representatives have forgotten how to represent a free nation. While they flood our media with meaningless awards and “jobs well done,” the mistakes made are ignored and kept from the public eye. If we continue to overlook the ways in which our government has failed us, any sort of improvement is impossible. Those in government may consider an acknowledgment of its failure a sign of weakness, but the ability to admit one’s mistakes is one of the greatest strengths available to mankind – this is the only way we can become evolve into a grander version of ourselves.


Guided by the constitution, our government operates through a three-tiered system, with each branch awarded specific and separate duties.


The Legislative Branch is responsible for creating laws, the Judicial Branch interprets their application and the Executive Branch enforces them. The Executive can veto any law he or she considers unconstitutional or harmful to the good of the People before it is passed. The Legislative Branch can approve or prevent an action of the Executive Branch. The Judicial Branch is awarded the authority to overturn any law that is determined unjust or unconstitutional. The People elect their Legislative representatives and their Executive. On the Federal level, the executive appoints the judicial representatives, but on many of the State levels, they are elected by the people. This the basic structure of United States government.


However, instead protecting the people from corrupt governance, the checks and balances between the separate branches have been ignored to enhance their own authority. The American Government is now under the sole control of the political and corporate elite. We have been kept out of the process which governs our society so that those in government can create for themselves an aristocracy, a class separate from the common People whose lives are funded by the labor and efforts of the citizen – an intention that in its essence is unconstitutional.



In order to change this state of corruption, StandUP-America fights to instill 3 essential standards of behavior that our representatives in government must follow if we are to restore the People’s government. Transparency, Accountability and Sustainability must be incorporated into the political process for the People of the United States to regain their status as a Free nation.


In a transparent system, the dialogue which determines the People’s destiny is done in public and with the public, on record – not in private offices or with special interest groups. All debate and deal making or breaking must be done with the People’s knowledge and must be open to public comment at all times. With a transparent system, corruption cannot continue and only honesty and integrity will succeed.


Accountability can only be achieved with a transparent system. When YOU, the People, are involved in every step of the process, the actions of our representatives are checked against the common values of society, representing what the People want. The people’s demands must be addressed in full view of society so that it may be clearly shown that the actions of our government are guided by a rationale which is shared by the People. Our elected officials cannot check themselves – only those who operate outside their specific branch can see the inconsistencies they may be blind to. The accountability of our representatives must be restored within the process of government itself.


The sustainability of our culture must be held in the highest regard if we are to remain a free society. The current emphasis on profit at all costs, whether it is on a social or personal level, is killing us. We will not give up our power for an empty promise from aristocrats which sacrifices the health of our community – the false belief that those in power are behaving in our interest is at root of our dilemma. The power of the People is in our voices, our freedom to express ourselves and work together so we can live the life we want. The People are undergoing a radical transformation, a conscious evolution, as we recognize that the ways in which we think that are no longer providing us what we want. What do we want? It’s up to YOU. Talk to your local government. Talk to them every day. The time has come when we must StandUP for the life we want to live and decide how we will govern ourselves so our dreams can become our reality.