I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. Corporations have been enthroned, an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money-power of the country will endeavor to prolong it’s reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until the wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.
Abraham Lincoln

Our mission is simple. End the corruption of our government and restore the Republic by bringing back the personal accountability of our representatives NOW. We StandUP for the ordinary citizen, the less protected class and for those whose liberty is limited by the process in place, be it by debt, government oversight or corporate manipulation. We standUP for the People who have been shown that they don’t have a voice or a place in our community. We standUP for America, a country being held hostage by corrupt government bureaucrats, a country which is of the People, by the People, and for the People.


StandUP-America is based out of Seattle, Washington and engages all three branches of government on the city and county level. Right now, elected representatives refuse to be questioned in a public arena. We work to remind them of their humanity and challenge their unquestioned authority by asking questions every day that must be answered. By starting at the local level, we can force out the corruption by reinstating the People back into the process, and work our way down to the State level, then with your help in your local areas, all the way down to the Federal Government. Just like a line of dominos, once the right change is effected in one place, the rest will follow.


American city, county, state and federal government has been completely taken over by aristocrats; it has become corrupted to the bones. Rather than guide us into a better way of living, the “leaders” of our country farm the People for their wages.  The powers that be have turned a nation of free men and women into a collection of cows, so that an insatiable hunger for profit may be satisfied. This is no longer the land of the free; we have been turned into a population to be controlled. Instead of providing for the common good and protecting the People’s liberty, our representatives have continued to pass legislation which sacrifices the People for the sake of their own personal gain. This state of affairs is at the root of all the social and economic issues we face today. The actions of our city, county and state representatives have created a government which no longer follows what the People want regardless of what political propaganda may try to tell us. We want our Republic back now, and we will not wait for a re-election that only repeats the problem – the People must enter the process NOW so that we may begin to hold our representatives legally and socially accountable for what they have and have not done.


Our constitution was created 200 years ago to outline a government which would always be under the control of its People. The United States was founded so that all People may pursue happiness, feel secure and experience liberty, not just government representatives or the corporate elite. Every citizen is equally important in the process which receives its validation through the consent of the governed.  Those in power have taken many steps to distract us from this essential truth, and StandUp- America fights to reinstate the American Government as the constitution intended it to be. It is always easier to suffer than StandUP – but the time has come when we must forget our fears and become the People we are meant to be.


StandUP America works towards a government  which is transparent, accountable and sustainable by realizing a government guided by the community interest, and not special interest groups. We work to bring our government back from the illusions of corporate propaganda and political media manipulation. StandUP-America brings to light the reality of the incredible problems we face as the People of the United States so we can solve them as a community. Right now, our representatives control the conversation and StandUP America fights to bring the People back into the dialogue of ideas, problems and solutions concerning our destiny. We, the People, must govern ourselves.


StandUP-America does not approach this situation with the complacency that so much of our population has been overcome with. Most people are not surprised that our representatives do not represent our interests. Instead of outrage, the majority of our People accept the distractions we are bombarded with and hope that somehow – things will get better. StandUP-America asks: how can anything be fixed if the public is forced to keep adhering to the same process which created this dilemma ? How can our elected officials know how the People would like to be governed if they are kept out of the process and are never allowed to speak freely?


We can no longer beg and plead with them, for this only affirms an authority that they do not have. We can no longer abide by a process which considers representatives more important than the population they represent. America created by the People’s government, and as such, the People must be at the center of its process. We are the final check which requires our elected officials to act according to our interests. We can no longer afford any sort of respect which requires silence. The People must standUP now.