Alex Zimerman is one of the founders of StandUP-America and has used many principles of StandUP-America to win 2 class action lawsuits.

Early Fights
Alex fought against the Soviet Empire and its corrupted bureaucrats for many years before he was finally allowed to leave for the United States. Mr. Zimerman experienced great freedom here in the United States and enjoyed the American way of life. Sadly over the past few decades, Mr. Zimerman has noticed that the American Government has turned into something identical to the Soviet or Nazi empires; the iron cycle of the corrupted bureaucrats has been slowly killing our society.

Early Successes
Since Alex noticed that the system in America had allowed for such corruptions, he decided to StandUP and fight for the rights of the impoverished citizens. First, he stood up to the gentrification of a neighborhood where the poor immigrant citizens no longer fit the image of the neighborhood. This class action was on behalf of several hundred families and won he this in the late 90’s. Next, Mr. Zimerman fought on behalf of 22,000 disabled people and their caregivers (approximately 40,000 people) to regain the money that the State was stealing from them for years. Again, Mr. Zimerman won his lawsuit and a $100 million was awarded.

Alex continued his fight with the corrupted bureaucrats by forming and organization called StandUP-America where citizens were invited, no matter what their cause, to come and speak to their elected officials to stop the corruption. The organization has grown dramatically since 2008 and is now registered with the State of Washington as a nonprofit group that fights for the less protected class- the ordinary citizen.