Mia Jacobson is one of the founding members of StandUP-America. She has been invested in building community partnerships and nurturing conscious human evolution her entire life.

Early Life
Mia grew up in a blue collar, middle class family. Her father worked at the Seattle Port as a longshoreman for over 40 years, serving as the ILWU Vice President for 2 of them. She graduated from the University of Washington with intent to pursue a teaching degree in philosophy.

While in college, Mia developed a theory of human experience which satisfies the dualistic debate of existence being either mind or material based. Building on her expansive research from Linguistic Theory to Religious Philosophy, Mia investigates the commonality between perceived differences in hopes to achieve a state of peace rather than conflict. She works towards connection, communication and understanding in all relationships, both personal and ideological.

Mia spent as much time at the Occupy Seattle camp as she could, dividing her time between work, her family and the movement. She participated with the Demands Work Group, where she met Sam Bellomio. She facilitated many discussions, but became disillusioned with the group’s continued emphasis on the practice rather than the paradigm – she knew from her past study that the change Occupy wished to pursue would have to begin with our culture’s fundamental understanding of society’s structure and its needs rather than a selective approach to simply alleviate the symptoms of a broken system. With this realization, along with other circumstances, Mia took time off from the Occupy Movement.

Mia stopped attending the Occupy Meetings to focus on her personal life and creative pursuits. Her passion for the movement did not abate in any sense, but was heightened within the context of Occupy. Sam contacted her in the Winter of 2011 and asked if she would be interested in working with StandUP-America. After much discussion, she quickly realized that StandUP-America is the change that everyone is waiting for. Her unique perspective in regards to the human condition allowed her to understand exactly how and why the choice to StandUP against our government’s corrupted paradigm is essential to ensure our future as a free people. She introduces the power of language and the element spirituality to StandUP-America. As a mother, she also represents the caretakers of our next generation.

Mia continues to work on her creative pursuits; she is currently developing an anthology of essays describing the relationship between differences and similarity within the human condition.