Sam Bellomio is one of the founding members of StandUP-America and has been an advocate for his community for many years.

Sam first started his community efforts with his military experience where he fought for the freedoms of his fellow citizens. At age 17, he entered the US Army and trained as a US Calvary Scout. After serving many years and sustaining some injuries, Mr. Bellomio decided to end his military career. Mr. Bellomio is proud of the service he provided but also acknowledges that the US Army is no longer serving the interest of the society- but rather the interest of business.

After leaving the Army, Sam’s passion for community building lead him to study Civil Engineering at Seattle University. With his newly acquired knowledge, Mr. Bellomio worked for a small firm that improved downtown streets and spaces in suburban communities that foster community building.

Sam Bellomio did attend Occupy Seattle for many weeks in late 2011. The cries of the community were felt all around the country, and even around the world. These cries for help fell on deaf ears at the city government and Mr. Bellomio decided to StandUP for the citizens and find out what could be done. Mr. Bellomio helped to facilitate the “Demands group” to identify what issues the thousands of people attending the occupation wanted. In the end there were 38 pages that documented the issues most citizens were concerned with. Sadly, no council member, not even the Mayor, were there to address any of these issues. This pushed Mr. Bellomio to continue his work with StandUP-America so that the gap could be bridged between community and government.

Sam joined with co-founder Alex Zimerman to help build a solid structure for the organization StandUP-America. Alex had done some work on behalf of the organization for a few years and actually won 2 class action lawsuits using StandUP-America principles. Mr. Bellomio’s involvement in this organization helped to solidify an organization with proven success. He continues his efforts in supporting his community and encourages others to join in the efforts to restore personal accountability to their elected officials.

Sam Bellomio has recently filed to run for Seattle City Council