We, the People, must govern ourselves.

YOU are the most important part of the process because you are at the center. The United States arose as a coordination between separate and independent colonies wishing to protect one another from corrupted powers. In order to form a more perfect union, America founded a government system which relied on a series of checks and balances between its three branches to prevent any abuse of governance.


The People are to ensure that each branch fulfills its duty. The United States was founded as a response to corrupted governance, and as such the Constitution was written to control the government and prevent it from infringing upon the rights of the People, not to outline what the People can or cannot do.  Government exists to coordinate our efforts as separate states to ensure that fundamental rights of the People are not denied.


However, it is becoming very clear that the checks and balances within the system do not ensure responsible governance when the People are considered outside of the process. This is where YOU come in. YOU are the check which requires our representatives to act in our interest, the interests of the People. This essential element of representative government is now legislated out of the process. Right now, our elected officials operating in all three branches are not required to meet or speak with the People. When an opportunity for public comment is offered, our speech is restricted to whatever they put on their agenda, whatever they want to talk about. Without constant open dialogue between government and the People, our representatives in every branch have become dictators who only interact with the People during the time of their re-election.

You and Stand UP America and the Government

The People are undergoing a radical transformation, a conscious evolution, as we stretch beyond the bounds of “how things have always been” towards “what they can be”. Our society is changing, and our government must reflect this. This is happening right now. YOU are the most important part of the process because YOU determine the change and without YOU – nothing will change. StandUP-America fights for this freedom against the powers that be who will do anything to simply maintain an authority which is against the principles of our constitution. Our representatives seem to have forgotten that they represent us, the People, rather than their own self-interest, or the special interests of wealthy groups. StandUP-America works to implement the personal accountability of these representatives on a city, county and state level so that our government can work the way our constitution intended.


Before your interests can be accurately represented in government, we must address how they are coordinated among the concerns of others. StandUP America refocuses our dialogue from a “private business sense” which promotes the profit of a select few to a “common business sense” which prioritizes community benefit. A successful society is not determined by the “survival of the fittest,” but the quality of life lived by all its members. The constitution outlined a government founded on the equality of all men and women and ensured that all citizens have a right to liberty, security and their pursuit of happiness. The only way to ensure our representatives remain invested in YOUR interest, the People’s interest, is to demand transparency, accountability and sustainability in all their decisions by including YOU, the People, in their process on city, county and state levels.


When we study the era of slavery in our history, it is incredible that a small group of men could exert such power over a population of thousands. How was this possible? The same mindset which convinced our brothers and sisters that they were the property of another is controlling the People of our nation. YOU are not the property of government to be farmed for your wages, YOU are not to be owned by the officials that you elect; we are a free People, a free nation whose constitution has stood for over 200 years– and the only way we can be deprived of this freedom is to act as though we do not have it.