So Seattle has a Socialist sitting on its city council – big whoop. For the first time in over 100 years, there is a voice other than a Democrat and a Republican contributing to the political conversation and guess what – nothing will change. One voice is not enough to stronghold the tone of civil governance. One council member is not enough to shift the tide of local politics. One perspective will not free us from this train racing over the cliff.

But yours is enough.

This isn’t about voting someone into office. This isn’t about organizing another march. This is about the absolute absence of the People within their own process of government. This is about the idea that we have to wait for someone in office to finally answer our emails or phone calls and fix our problems for us. We all know the process in place isn’t working – stop endorsing it. We all know our politicians aren’t really working for us – stop letting them get away with it. We are their employers; we are their bosses – it’s time to start acting like it.

Every day our local government conducts its business in virtually empty rooms. Our representatives refuse to answer questions; they refuse to explain themselves. In fact, our council members refuse to enter into any conversation they do not have complete control over. Every day, our local representatives fail to acknowledge that something is seriously wrong with our system. Every week, ordinances are passed without the People’s consent. The conversation concerning the people’s welfare is continually held without the People’s voice. The time has come to StandUP-America.
We can figure this out together. Our society is failing because there is no common sense in government, only a failing business sense which prioritizes personal profit and promotion over community and sustainability. If the public were in control of their local governments – would we be in the state we’re currently in? No. Would corporations virtually run all three branches of the federal government? No. Would elections favor the highest bidder? No. Would the big banks hold our nation hostage? No. If the average citizen were a part of the legislative process on the local levels, these corruptions would never be enforced because any action which threatened the sustainability of our culture would be illegal. Right now, our elected officials don’t have to answer to us because quite frankly no one is in the council room questioning them.

But the time has come to storm the castle.

And before you say, oh jeez – it’s the holidays, I have a job, I’m just too busy –I’m not talking to you. I’m talking to the people who already understand that something must be done. I’m talking to the people collecting donations, signing petitions and organizing community outreach. I’m talking to the people who write letters to their council members and wait weeks for an inadequate response.

We are StandUP-America. We are a group of ordinary citizens doing extraordinary things. We do this by attending as many City and County Council meetings we can and speaking during the time given for public comment. We do not leave podium until our questions are answered. If we are not given a time to speak, we speak anyways. We demand to be included in the conversation which determines our destiny.

The time is now.

Join us.



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