StandUP-America is quoted in this piece from the Examiner for their opposition to the use of drones.

“One attendee at the City Council meeting, Alex Zimerman, President of StandUP-America, who has firsthand experience with corrupt governments after growing up in Russia, says he found this as no surprise that the unchecked Seattle Council had attempted to overreach their power.

“With 50% considered poor in America and another 30% just holding on, we need these 80% ordinary citizens to ‘StandUP’ to the corruption of the government.We need to StandUP against this dirty mafia family in the government,” said Zimerman.

StandUP-America says they are proud that citizens showed up to voice their distrust in the drone program and encourage citizens to attend more meetings to stop any and all corruption.

Mia Jacobson, the group’s secretary said “If 11 voices can protect the people from flying government robots watching their every move – what can 20 voices do? What can your voice accomplish? The time has come to StandUP and bring back America which is of the People, by the People and for the People.”

Sam Bellomio, Vice president of StandUP-America, says he is proud that this moment has come when citizens finally stood up to the abuse of power. StandUP-America has been going to council meetings for years now with the room completely empty and say it is encouraging to see citizen participation.

“The City Council would have crafted rules and used the invasive drones if it wasn’t for those who showed up. I would like to say, also, that I have filed with the State and City on Tuesday to run for City Council so that one day citizens may be back in control of their Council and not a politician,” said Bellomio.”




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