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The reality of government is driven by a system of ideas. This video shows us the subtle inconsistencies within our current understanding of these ideas, within our understanding of government and society. By addressing these inconsistencies one by one, we can liberate ourselves from old ways of thinking which lock us in our present state of inaction and prevent us from achieving a better working state of society.

First, there is the idea of a “leader.” The journey of human experience is one of steady self-empowerment and self-governance; as we grow and mature, we gradually learn ways to rely less and less on others to tell us what to do. Within a state of society which demands that we must always subject ourselves to another’s rule (even under threat of violence or imprisonment) – our maturation process is perpetually limited within the structure of society itself; if there is always going to be a “leader,” the common people must always have to be led. In order to maintain societal subservience, opportunities for change are routinely made impossible – with poor public education, monopoly business practices, censored news media, and weak local government. We, the People, adhere to this reality only because we believe (and have been told) that there is no “better” way. We are told that our system is the “best”. Yet once we realize that the human experience itself from infancy to old age is governed by change towards a reality of self-governance  and maturation –  our current system which directly opposes this process is becomes totally illogical. Once we accept that we can become our own masters, that in fact, we are bound to become our own masters – the concept of “leadership” will become irrelevant.

What is a government without leaders? The idea of political representation was developed during an era in which most people could not read. When most of the population is concerned with simply surviving, the abstract ideas of societal construction cannot be advanced by the People at large. Even in its most recent installment, at the birth of the United States – the situation had not changed. However – now things are different. Mankind has created a new era for itself; we have created a world where knowledge is available to the majority rather than the minority. Yet our process of government still works upon the principle that the people cannot decide on their own what is best for them. We must elect an individual to work out our problems for us, and we simply hope that this individual is like us. We depend on our representatives to have the same priorities we do. But who is this representative? Who is this politician? Instead of an honest and wise character, our common archetype reveals an individual who is anything but. The politician is deceitful, power hungry and socially elite. We accept that our politician is talented at twisting words and making back door deals. “He must be able to,” we say, “because that is how the system works.”

Hold on a minute. What is happening here? There are many ways to look at this situation. It is a marvel how many people are so aware that the system isn’t working, all the while accepting this as “the way things are.” It seems a slip of our cognition to maintain that the obvious inadequacy of our government is basically acceptable; put baldly, it is the People who confirm that this is “the way things are.” To assign blame to the representatives while they occupy a position of total unaccountability only perpetuates a feeling of helplessness, of powerlessness. We are at the end of an era; the end of minority rule, the end of public servitude, the close of our teenage years. This is no revolutionary cry; the system itself is collapsing because it does not serve the way things are, now. To ignore the signs would be social suicide. But where do we go? What do we do? Who is going to lead us?

You are. Your friends are, along with your enemies.

Second, the relationship between the People and their Government allows those in government the authority to enforce rules under threat of violence or imprisonment, regardless if those rules are unpopular, ill-thought out, incomplete or corrupted. Within our current process of legislation, there is no public opportunity for these inadequate rules to be rectified as those who created them in the first place are also charged with their improvement. The conversation held concerning public welfare is systematically held without the public’s voice. This practice completely contradicts the idea of the “people’s government” and effectively withholds societal governance from society itself.

Third, when our elected officials prove time and time again unable to accurately represent the will of the people, the process itself prevents a different perspective to operate. Bi-partisan politics which lives off ideological conflict prevents effective compromise from ever taking place. Standards of Campaign Spending render victory to the wealthiest rather than the most worthy. By allowing a small group of people to determine standards of living for the rest of society without ever having to answer for their mistakes

But when they prove themselves time and time again to be unable to accurately represent the will of the people, there is still no opportunity to fix their mistakes. The process which elects our officials is completely saturated with the mindest of the political elite; a small group of people who consider themselves inherently separate and of higher worth than the population they represent. Our country goes to war whether the People want to or not, and if we voice our disapproval to any effective degree – our government passes legislation which makes this action illegal.

The political elite are not held accountable for their actions which do not contribute to the public good. As a People, we understand what makes a community work because we LIVE in the community. However, we continually give up our power to individuals who have no idea what it’s like to operate in the general population. We can ask our representatives to do what we want them to do, but there is no way to hold the to this standard. This problem lies in the process itself.

On a larger ideological scale, “government” is an idea that we enact as a society. Its structure is totally in our power and is created alongside our agreed upon beliefs, relationships and standards of behavior. Fear arises from the belief that we do not have power over our own lives. The threat of imprisonment or violence against an action which attempts to IMPROVE the process in place so that it better serves its purpose (the creation of an ideal society as understood by the People) is the essence of dictatorship. If it does not act like a democratic republic, sound like a democratic republic or look like a democratic republic – it is NOT democratic republic, no matter how many people in power try to convince us that this is the case.

StandUP-America is about personal empowerment. We address the issues of corruption on the local levels to start a domino principle of change which will trickle down to all levels of government. The People must be apart of the process which creates legislation. Our right to speak freely, think freely, to redress our grievances and to assemble freely is at the core of our constitution. The constitution was not written to give these rights to the people, it was written to hold the government accountable for never denying us these freedoms. In a free society, the government is limited, not the people. StandUP-America is a call to action for the American People to standUP and participate in their own destiny.



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