Our mission is simple. End the corruption of our government and restore the Republic NOW. Our elected officials must be held legally and socially accountable to the People if we are to have a government of the People, by the People and for the People; the constitution outlines a government which works for us, the People, the common everyday citizen.


StandUP-America returns to where the problems began – the actions of civil governance. Our approach is simple and works on the “domino principle”. We need to cause change at the local level, by first engaging the city and county government. StandUP-America attends city and county meetings every day with red signs to remind the council of our presence, and alert them of our distress. When this action is repeated across other cities and counties around the State, our political bureaucrats must respond to the People’s voice. Once our voice becomes a part of the process, we will begin to see changes at all levels of government, from State to Federal.


Not only do we speak to any legislation on the agenda that we feel is unconstitutional or harmful to the good of the people, but we fight to change any agenda which does not address the serious concerns we have as a community. Our representatives may consider this a disruption of their process but a process of legislation which limits the role of the People is unconstitutional. If a citizen is concerned about the behaviors of a government body, they have a right to say so regardless if it is on the agenda or not. A citizen has the right to address their representatives in any way they feel is appropriate because that is the freedom of speech which is guaranteed by our constitution.When our freedom of speech is limited, we have lost the power to decide how we would like to be governed; we have lost the liberty our constitution promises us and StandUP-America will not allow the People to lose their ability to govern themselves.


Our political process requires checks and balances between the legislative, executive and judicial branches to prevent abuse of power, but our representatives have now subtly legislated this blueprint out of the process. The practices which enable corruption have been made “legal” by ignoring the most important elements of the constitution. The People, you, are at the center of our government process and we must re-enter the system in order to save our future as a free nation. We can no longer accept meetings in private offices or convince our representatives to support our ideas by any means nessecary. This approach only allows our representatives to be considered as individuals who can be bribed according to their personal interest. Bringing the public conversation into the political arena is not a new approach; this is perhaps the most basic element of effective government among a free people. Yet the simplest truth is often the hardest to see, and in order to remain a free people we must go back to basics of civil governance.


By taking control of the People’s voice and public funds, our representatives have created for themselves an aristocracy – a class of people considered of higher worth than the rest, whose interests are of more importance than ours. This belief does not belong in the American government – a process which was founded on the equality of all men and women. Stand-Up America works to put the People back in their rightful place – at the center of the how and why legislation is passed. Our legislators do not have the authority to “fix” our problems themselves, they exist to work with the People so that we can fix them together.


On the local level, our legislative representatives, judges and executives are all elected by the People, yet after they enter into office – they are never open to public scrutiny again. We are currently operating under the principle that if the People don’t agree with their choices, we must wait until they are up for reelection and address any misrepresentation then. This is incorrect and effectively creates a dictatorship to be renewed every four years. Our elected officials must always be subject to the will of the people. Thus, StandUp-America engages all branches of our government to hold them legally and socially accountable for their actions.


StandUP-America utilizes our judicial system to stop any crime against our liberty, especially if this crime occurs in government itself because that is what the judicial branch is supposed to do. By working the actions of the legislative, executive and judicial branches through the court system, we can achieve a government body which accurately reflects the current values of society and acts as the constitution intended. The ability to question our government must be maintained if we are to remain a free society of free people. This freedom has allowed us to abolish slavery, allow women to vote, and continue to become a nation we can be proud of. StandUP America’s process can be repeated everywhere, and if applied in all local areas, the enormous monster of Federal government can be given back into the reign of the people. It’s all up to you.