StandUP-America is on the front battle lines. There are many issues that can be identified, but we are going the extra step and getting proof. Proof that the system has been corrupted. None of the listed projects are the real problem, they are the symptoms of a corrupted system. We are going to meetings everyday. We are trying to talk with our representatives everyday. We are trying to address issues that we see important and they will not listen. These issues we bring up are only the catalyst to prove that the system doesn’t work. Try to engage your local official and you will see. Below we will list out and briefly describe some of the issues we’d like to address. Click on any of the Projects to read more about the issues.


We want to be able to address our elected officials openly with concerns that we have. How can we begin to fix any problem if we cannot engage our elected officials? We believe that the key to keeping our elected honest is open public engagement. We must stand up and fight for free access to our government!


Is it bad when our elected officials become secret agents? When we cannot know when or where our elected officials will be speaking, how can we ever monitor them to make sure that they are doing the right thing?


Since we cannot speak openly to our elected officials, you would think that they would have a meeting with us to discuss our concerns. Think again. They do not have to meet with us, speak with us, or allow us to address them publicly. Something is wrong with a government that doesn’t address its citizens in an open dialogue.


When salaries are being cut and departments are asked to do with less, why do our elected officials keep getting raises? Why do we not address the fact that they make 3 times more (up to 4 times more in some cases) than the average citizen they represent. We need to start looking at this an address it soon.


There is something wrong with a government that depends on the mistakes of its citizens so they can make money. Tickets are to punish people who do something wrong, not to punish those who make mistakes.


Subcontractors have been making millions off of the taxpayers unchecked. We need to look closer at how much we are paying for services that our most unfortunate need.


Housing Authorities exist to help the most needy in our society. In general, they are funded through the Federal government. However, we believe that millions of taxpayers money are being misused and are not going to the most needy.


Where do you turn when your Legislative and Executive branch fail? The Judicial? One would hope so. But we have been going into court finding out that the corruption of our system is everywhere. The bureaucrats that manage this branch are also operating outside the people’s wishes and not held accountable to them.

All documentation can be found in the DOCUMENT section of the website. Some projects have video associated with them. These videos can be found on our YOUTUBE channel or in in our VIDEO section.