1) Go to every meeting that is possible to speak about one point… only one point. Something simple and obvious so everybody can understand. Show where the problem is and how we can correct it in a positive way together. When this step isn’t working, bring the same point again and again and again (you can find what we are working on in the ‘projects’ section).

2) Make appointment with a representative to talk about the issue to make it a personal responsibility… to make them accountable.
– After 30+ days of no answer or a “BAD” answer or no appointment given go to step number 3
– “BAD” answer= person/bureaucrat wont answer directly or exactly what you asked
– Our ideal situation that would satisfy the issue would be:

1. Ask question
2. Get response to EXACTLY how our issue will be achieved or denied
-We don’t want to hear “it’s not on the agenda”
-or “we’re going to talk about this in a few months”
-or “We’ll consider ‘this’ and get back to you”- just so they can completely blow us off.
3. We want dialogue!
4. A “REAL” answer to our question or proposition!

3) Go to Risk Management (required step before going to court) and every other department possible to make a complaint that you are being limited by your freedom of speech/ignored/NO-or-BAD answer to complaint/(situation dependent). LET THEM KNOW YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED!

4) Lastly, if all else fails (and it most likely will), complain to the court. This can be done in regular court or, as we have found, can be done in small claims court. The reason to go to small claims court is because:
A) It’s cheap and have many locations.
B) You can go as many times as you like.
C) Quick. Hearing happens approximately in a month.
D) There is another chance for you to talk with the representative just before you see the judge called Mediation.

We are suing the bureaucrat personally (not the government) for ‘BAD SERVICE’. It is the elected officials responsibility to provide good serves to the people. And if not, we want our portion of our taxes back that went to their personal salary.


Each one of these steps are designed to demand action on our request. We want real answers that we can create real positive changes with. When nothing happens that satisfies your demand, repeat the every step from the beginning…. again, and again, and again.